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Tax Law


Your tax liability is critical to your current and future financial health. The IRS has the authority to audit your tax returns and increase your tax liability. Responding to the IRS can be daunting, and you must protect your finances and future.

Protect Your Finances 

The Holloway Law Office provides exceptional legal assistance with tax law. We help you get answers and navigate the complexities of the law. We assist you in responding efficiently and effectively to tax audits and disputes. 

Key Contacts

Lorenzo Holloway, Esq.
Alberta A. Holloway, Esq.

Schedule Your Consultation with The Holloway Law Office 

We can assist you by:

  • Responding to the initial audit notice

  • Identifying the necessary documentation and explanations

  • Addressing any legal, procedural, or methodological issues that arise during the audit

  • Representing you at meetings with the IRS auditors

  • Counseling you on whether to accept the IRS auditors' recommendation that you owe more in taxes

  • Filing an appeal on your behalf if you disagree with the auditors' recommendation that you have a higher tax liability

Principal and Attorney 
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