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Campaign Finanace


Your political voice is important.The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech and assembly without governmental interference. To exercise these rights, however, you must comply with campaign finance law. Staying in compliance with the law requires resources and time. 

Stay in Compliance and Focus on Political Activity

You need to spend more of your time engaging in political activity and less time focused on legal compliance. You do not want to use your time responding to inquiries from the Federal Election Commission ("FEC") or the District of Columbia Office of Campaign Finance ("OFC").

Avoid Audits and Investigations

You may find yourself responding to a time-consuming audit or investigation. The FEC may take several years to complete an audit or investigation. The document requests and responses to the FEC or OFC in an audit or investigation can be confusing or burdensome. 

Key Contacts

Lorenzo Holloway, Esq.
Alberta A. Holloway, Esq.

Provide Services and Products to Political Campaigns

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you may have a product or service that can assist a political campaign, but you are unsure if the activity is lawful. 

Schedule Your Consultation with The Holloway Law Office 

We provide exceptional legal services in campaign finance law. We help you get answers and navigate the complexities of the law to avoid the pitfalls. We assist you in responding efficiently and effectively to any campaign finance matter. 

In addition to working to ensure legal compliance, we represent clients in matters pending before the FEC and OFC. We are available to represent candidates, committees, political action committees, individuals, vendors, and businesses in the following types of cases: 

  • Enforcement Investigations (Matter Under Review (MUR)) and Probable Cause Hearings

  • Administrative Fine Adjudications and Collections

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Requests for Additional Information, Legal Consideration, and Public Funds

  • Advisory Opinions

  • Audits and Audit Hearings

  • Debt Settlement and Forgiveness Plans

Principal and Attorney 
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